Welcome to the home of a bunch of SQL Server User Groups.  This network of websites collectively known as the SQL User Group Sites (www.sqlugs.com) is a setup for SQL Server User Groups to use to set up their own home page for their user group free of charge.

With their free site, they get a WordPress install, a sqlugs.com subdomain (ourusergroup.sqlugs.com for example), and as much control of the site that WordPress will allow us to give them.  We hope that the user groups enjoy working within our network of sites. Any user group who wishes to set up their user groups home page here is welcome to do so, free of charge.  Just request a site.

Our network of sites include (but isn’t limited to, some sites don’t want to advertise here):

Some of these sites are new and may be blank WordPress websites. Give them time to move in.

This service is provided to user groups for free by Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting.